Social Media Consultant in Bend, Oregon

About Me

Amber Blount, Social Media Consultant for Small Businesses

I am not a social media marketer; I am a Marketing Professional who specializes in Social Media. I work with you to create thoughtful social media solutions that build your brand and customer base, using modern-day word of mouth: internet media. My goal is to turn bloggers, editors, writers, and tweeters into “Fanbassadors” of your products and services.

With ten years experience working and learning marketing, media, and graphic design, and 3.5 years building end consumer business for a mid-size brand using social media, I will bring the experience, professionalism, and marketing wherewithal you should expect from a social media professional. 

If you are new to social media, or simply don't have the time to contribute to social media, I am the solution for you.  I will work with you one-on-one and customize a plan to fit your business's special needs and budget.

Amber Blount, Socialeyes24.7
(541) 632-3262
63368 Boyd Acres Rd.
Bend, Oregon 97701
Portfolio Accomplishments:

I have experience creating, implementing, and analyzing complete social media solutions for small and midsize brands. 

My work has helped contribute to:

  • 30 percent growth in end-consumer sales for a mid-size brand in less than three years

  • A blog that receives 400-2500 blog hits per day and has 125 site subscriptions

  • A Facebook Page with nearly 9,500 fans

  • Multiple Twitter accounts with large number of "retweets" and "@mentions" from multi-million dollar companies

  • Content featured stories on the REI blog, content used in Family Circle Magazine, and various other publications

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